PAISTE PSTX 14" Swiss Flanger Crash

When playing the cajon live I quite often use some cymbals. Some cymbals sound good played with sticks, brushes and mallets, but not necessarily so good when played by hand. I have recently started using the PAISTE PSTX 14" Swiss Flanger Crash when playing the cajon, and I must say that I really like it.

In the video below you can hear it with the cajon in a few different grooves.

As you can hear in the video the cymbal is quite responsive with immediate attack and therefore excellent for playing by hand. It is a part of the affordable PSTX line of "effects cymbals" and it has a unique sound which I guess we could say is "trashy" or "dirty", and I have seen them described in different places described as "digital sounding" and "exotic". If I had to describe this cymbal using only one word I would use the word "fun". It is really fun to play, and this dirty digital sound is a nice contrast to the acoustic sound of the cajon.

Do you use cymbals when playing the cajon? I would love to hear what types or models in the comments section below.

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