Triplets with a twist

Hi everyone. Today I continue looking at triplets on the cajon with a fun little exercise. While the exercise is simple, it has a twist to it. I play two tones of each sound before moving on, so even if the rhythm is played and notated as 8th note triplets it is very easy to feel it as regular eighth notes played 33% faster. This feeling of polymeter is the fun part of it. The exercise really has two meters, depending on how you “look” at it, and where you feel each measure starts.

The following notation shows how I counted, and the metronome you can hear is based on this notation. After two bars the pattern repeats itself.

2 bars of eighth note triplets

However, it is easy to start hearing the pattern as follows. Now, instead of two bars of eighth note triplets we have three bars of regular eighth notes.

3 bars of regular eight notes

When playing the exercise I urge you to start by really make sure you know where the triplets are. Using a metronome is really a must, to do this properly.

It would be great to hear from you. Did you like this exercise? Did you have some problems with it? Let me know what you think.

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