16th Note Cajon Pop/Rock Groove

This video continues looking at 16th note patterns for the Cajon. This is the third and last (for now) in the series of 16th note grooves. Here we look at a groove that is more of a pop/rock groove, but can, like the others, be used in many different musical settings.

Below please find the notation for all variations in the video:

I would love to hear from you about the format of the videos.

How many of you use the notation?

How many of you benefit from me explaining the location of slap tones and bass tones, like saying "we add two slap tones at the last two sixteenth notes of beat one"?

Would you like to see a different format than building the groove up as I have been doing for the past few videos?

Please comment below on what you like, and what you think could be improved.

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