Half time shuffle groove

Today I added a half time shuffle groove to the loops section. The file provides seven different variations of the half time shuffle in addition to a couple of fills.

I have loved this kind of a groove for a long time. While most pop and rock grooves have the slap tone, or the snare sound, on beats two and four, half time grooves have it on beat three. I have written 180 bpm as the tempo, and this is correct based on the above definition, that is when we consider the slap tone to be on beat three of each bar. Another way would be to consider the triplets as 16th notes and the slap tone on beats two and four. If we were to look at this groove that way we would say the tempo is 90 bpm.

Below find the drummer Jeff Porcaro describe his fantastic half time shuffle on the tune Rosanna by Toto.

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