Pictures from the NAMM show

Every January the music products industry gets together in Anaheim California for product exhibits, educational sessions, meetings and lots of great music. I go there to meet people, try out new products and learn from pros in the business. This year I took several pictures at the booths of major cajon manufacturers.

Tycoon Percussion

Tycoon Percussion showed a great collection of cajons. This is the first time I have tried Tycoon Percussion cajons, and based on what I could hear on the noisy showroom floor they were excellent. I tried one from fiberglass, which projected very well.


Pearl has been making cajons for a long time. My first cajon, which I still have, was a Pearl cajon, and I have always been fond of them. At the NAMM show they had a huge selection, and I managed to try quite a few of them. I like the different jingle types, where the player can adjust how tight the jingles are, and get several different flavors from the same instrument.


Schlagwerk is German for percussion. It should not come as a big surprise to anyone that these German made cajons are very good. Schlagwerk also has a selection of add-ons, including several brushes made specifically for cajons.

Latin Percussion

Another huge player in the cajon business is Latin Percussion, or LP. LP had a nice setup, with not only traditional cajons, but also items such as an inside pedal cajon, sound control pillows, snare cajons (seen in the picture with a brush on top of it) and more. An added bonus was to see and hear Alex Acuña and Bernard Purdie jam, but a video from that jam can be seen in another post here.


DG or De Gregorio, from Spain, is a manufacturer of cajons, that is getting a lot of attention. Players such as Dave Weckl and Stewart Copeland use these cajons. I had not tried them myself untill at the show, and I was very happy with them. DG had a hybrid (acoustic/electronic) cajon on display, which I tried, but did not really spend enough time with it to judge its quality properly.

These five pictures are of course just a small part of what was on display. Other manufacturers at NAMM include Meinl, Gon Bops, and Roland, which showed a cajon with built in microphones and triggers.

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