Today I play some nice shuffle grooves on the cajon.

I start by demonstrating that the shuffle is really just triplets where we omit the middle note.  I then start with a very simple shuffle groove and as so often before then slowly add more bass tones and slap tones to...

I have done a few videos on paradiddles in the past few months, but today we take a look at another rudiment that is used quite a lot on the cajon.  This is the flam.  Flams are played by having two strokes very close to each other, where the first stroke is a grace no...

I had so much fun a few weeks ago when I did a video on funky paradiddle grooves that I decided to do another one.  As before we start with a rather simple groove, and then we add to it untill we reach our final groove.

I hope you enjoy it.

Hi guys.  In this fourth video on triplets we look at some more 8th note triplet grooves for the  cajon.  These grooves are a bit more involved than the grooves in my last triplet grooves video, so if you have not watched that, I recommend that you do so before watchin...

Hi everyone.  In this third video on triplets we look at some 8th note triplet grooves for the  cajon.  We start with a simple groove where the bass tone is played at beats one and three, and the slap tone is played at beats two and four.  In between we play two mid to...

Hi everyone.  Today I continue looking at triplets on the cajon with a fun little exercise.  While the exercise is simple, it has a twist to it.  I play two tones of each sound before moving on, so even if the rhythm is played and notated as 8th note triplets it is ver...

Hi everyone.  Today we look into triplets on the cajon.  We have, until now, used straight 8th notes and 16th notes, but today is our first discussion of triplets.  There will be more videos about this subject coming, since triplets are tons of fun in addition to being...

It´s Friday, and I think this is a good time for a cool samba groove on the cajon.  In the video I play a samba groove that I like quite a lot.  The groove consists of three main parts.  We have the classic bass drum samba pattern for our bass tone.  We have another pa...

This video continues looking at 16th note patterns for the Cajon.  This is the third and last (for now) in the series of 16th note grooves.  Here we look at a groove that is more of a pop/rock groove, but can, like the others, be used in many different musical settings...

Today we continue looking at 16th note grooves.  Like in my last post we start with a relatively simple groove, and then we add more bass notes as we go along.

Like before I play these grooves alternating my hand, first leading with my right hand, and then with my left.


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