Today I play some nice shuffle grooves on the cajon.

I start by demonstrating that the shuffle is really just triplets where we omit the middle note.  I then start with a very simple shuffle groove and as so often before then slowly add more bass tones and slap tones to...

I have done a few videos on paradiddles in the past few months, but today we take a look at another rudiment that is used quite a lot on the cajon.  This is the flam.  Flams are played by having two strokes very close to each other, where the first stroke is a grace no...

I had so much fun a few weeks ago when I did a video on funky paradiddle grooves that I decided to do another one.  As before we start with a rather simple groove, and then we add to it untill we reach our final groove.

I hope you enjoy it.

Recently I bought the Aston Stealth dynamic microphone, and I have been using it in various situations for the past few weeks.  The first time I used it for the cajon was when I did the Taylor Swift cover The Archer a while ago.  There I used in in conjunction with ano...

A while ago I did a video on paradiddles.  If you have not seen that it might be a good idea to check that out before watching this one, but here I I go through some pretty funky 16th note paradiddle grooves. We start out with a simple groove, and then we add to it unt...

Today I play the Taylor Swift song, The Archer.  It is a fun song to play with on the cajon, since it hardly includes any percussion, giving us space to make up our own percussion parts.  I hope you like my version.

Today I continue to explore the MEINL Classic Cajon Brushes.  I did a video demonstrating them on the cajon a few weeks ago, but today I play a song on the drums using them.

I got a track to play where I thought that the sound of these brushes would fit perfectly, and i...

This is the first video that I do on Paradiddles, but I’m pretty sure it will not be the last. Paradiddles are a combination of single strokes and double strokes, if you lead with your right hand you play R L R R L R L L, and if you lead with your left hand you play L...

Today I take a look at the MEINL Classic Cajon Brushes.  I recently bought a pair and I have been incorporating these into my playing.

In the video I talk a little bit about the brushes, but the main thing is how the sound, so I play them on my cajon for a couple of min...

I have never done a cover before, but I have received a few requests, so I finally decided to do one, and my first cover is Ed Sheeran's latest song, I Don't Care.  The groove is a relatively simple 16th note pattern that is a lot of fun to play.

 As can be seen from th...

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