Hi, I am Haukur Pálmason, or Hawk, as the name means in English.  I am a seasoned drummer and percussionist from Iceland.  I have played drums and percussion with various Icelandic bands, and I picked up the Cajon a few years ago, mainly to use as a drumset replacement on low volume gigs on tiny stages.  I soon saw that the instrument is so much more than an easy solution to low volume, small footprint gigs, and started to study it and practice playing more seriously. 


I created this website to provide the following:

  • Instructional videos on cajon playing.  I don´t consider myself an expert, but I think I can offer some valuable tips to people.

  • Loops and audio recordings of Cajon beats that yo can use in your own productions.  In addition to being a drummer/percussionist I am also a recording engineer, and I love to record the cajon.  I will share some of my audio recordings with you guys here.

  • Reviews of cajons and cajon related items.  This of course depends on how easily I can get my hands on various gear to try out, but hopefully I can review some cool gear here.

  • Rambling about anything and everything related to cajons, drums and percussion.


As I mentioned above I am also a recording engineer, but I studied at Full Sail University in Florida, and absolutely loved it there.  I also have a BS and an MS degree in computer science, so music and computers really are things that I love.


I am also a husband to a wonderful wife, and a father of three great kids